Camp Fortune’s First “Lift”

Downhill skiing really took off in the 1940s with the installation of the first “lift”, the Cadillac powered rope tow on Slalom.

Twin rope tows on Slalom Hill, Camp Fortune in Chelsea, Quebec. Crowd gathered at right along outrun of “Lockeberg Ski Jump” at Camp Fortune, Quebec.

“While the trend during the 1930’s was definitely from trail to downhill skiing, the trickle became a torrent only after the erection of the first ski-tow on Joe Morin’s Slalom Hill in 1940. In March 1940 a rope tow was installed, powered by an old Cadillac motor which had been dragged to its site by horses. Although the tow was immediately popular and performed usefully, its efficiency left much to be desired. Despite its defects, the ski-tow’s drawing power was such that the Slalom Hill soon became too congested for safety, comfort or convenience. Widening was undertaken as a solution in 1945, but the widening of the Slalom was not sufficient, and two new hills were opened that year, The ‘Morning After’ and the ‘Malcolm MacDonald’.” (Herbert Marshall, “How Skiing Came to the Gatineau”, p51-55).

Information courtesy of the Canadian Ski Museum

Digital Collection

Spring skiing 2022

Here are some photos from the final weekend of the 2021-2022 ski season. 

Camp Fortune Academy

We want to take a moment to thank all of our ski and snowboard instructors for joining us this season, it was great to be back on snow! Congratulations to our stars and award winners who were honoured for their hard work and dedication.

Mountain Coaster

The Camp Fortune team celebrated the installation of the Mountain Pipe Coaster and tested this exciting new ride. We are now open to the public!

Veuillez prendre note qu’une rallonge au chalet principal ainsi que l’installation d’un tout nouveau parcours de tyroliennes sont présentement en cours. Des secteurs de la station sont donc une zone de construction et nous nous en excusons. Nous demandons à tous les usagers et visiteurs de garer leur voiture dans le stationnement du haut loin de la zone de construction. Merci.

Please note our lodge expansion and zipline installation projects are well underway so parts of our site are currently a construction zone. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are excited about these projects! We are asking all users and visitors to please park in the “upper” parking lots aways from the construction zone. Thank you.

The mountain coaster is closed today, Wednesday, June 29, due to rain. The aerial park and downhill mountain biking are open.