Mountain Coaster

Mountain Pipe Coaster!

Take a ride on the region’s newest attraction! Twist and turn down an exhilarating 1 km long monorail track with speeds up to 40 km/hour!

Your experience starts with a scenic chairlift ride up the valley chairlift with views of the rolling Gatineau Hills. Guests then cruise down the track through the forest, onto the Clifford and Marshall ski runs and through tunnels.

The gravity fed mountain pipe coaster reaches speeds up to 40 km/hr but the rider can control the speed with the handbrake. Push all the way forward for a full speed adventure or pull back for a scenic cruise. Ride multiple times to find your speed.

Tickets & Hours

Now open! Tickets are sold online and on site, ride is open 11 am to 6 pm. Riders must have sufficient physical dexterity, ability and knowledge to safely load, ride and unload the coaster. 


1 Ride/$20*

+ passenger 6*

2 Rides/$30*

+ passenger 12*

Ziplines & Coaster (1 Ride)

Camp Fortune Aerial Park and Pipe Coaster Package

Includes aerial park and coaster (1 ride)


*Plus applicable taxes. Tickets are per person and available based on operating hours. A passenger is a child 8 years old and under. 

Safety & Rules

The 11 rules for your safety

Fasten your seatbelt



Keep 50 m distance

Exit the track immediately at the finish

Stopping prohibited

Do not lean out

Do not touch the track

Children under 8 years of age only accompanied by an adult.

Use during pregnancy is prohibited

No smoking

Conditions of Use

  1. Read the safety instructions and conditions of use carefully before using the system.
  2. Please note the notice board “11 rules for your safety” in the starting area.
  3. The instructions on the notice boards must be followed whenever the system is used.
  4. This is a sports facility! Every user rides this sports facility at his own risk. The passenger is responsible for his/her riding behaviour. In particular, the user must always ensure that his speed and clearance to others are adapted to the conditions.
  5. Children under 8 years of age may only ride in two-seater toboggans together with someone older who is familiar with using the toboggan. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed on the track, even if they are accompanied.
  6. Participants must be 8 + to ride solo.
  7. A toboggan may not be loaded with more than 118 kg.
  8. Animals or umbrellas, walking sticks and other bulky, pointed or loose objects may not be taken into the toboggan.
  9. Loose clothing (belts, scarves and shoelaces, etc.) and long hair (braids) must be kept away from the track and wheels.
  10. Leaning out or stretching arms and legs out of the toboggan is prohibited. Do not touch the track.
  11. People under the influence of intoxicants (alcohol, drugs and sensory influencing drugs, etc.) are not allowed to use the system.
  12. People who cannot properly operate the toboggan due to physical or mental limitations, etc. are not allowed to use the ride, except when accompanied by a specialist or someone they trust who assumes responsibility for it.
  13. Smoking is prohibited during the ride.
  14. Accidents must be reported immediately to the operating personnel.


Open on weekends 11 am to 6 pm. Open Thanksgiving Monday, October 10.

Mountain Coaster Information


Share your adventure, purchase a souvenir video and photo to share with your friends. 

Kool Replay captures a photo and video of your ride which you can download and purchase from their site.

Everyone who rides the Mountain Pipe Coaster can immediately access the preview version of their photos and videos.

A maximum speed of

0 /kph

is controlled by a push to go forward and pull back to brake lever.

Veuillez prendre note qu’un agrandissement au chalet principal ainsi que l’installation d’un tout nouveau parcours de tyroliennes sont présentement en cours. Des secteurs de la station sont donc une zone de construction et nous nous en excusons. Nous demandons à tous les usagers et visiteurs de garer leur voiture dans le stationnement du haut loin de la zone de construction. Les sentiers de vélo de montagne, le parc aérien et la luge sont ouverts.

Please note our lodge expansion and NEW zipline installation projects are well underway so parts of our site are currently a construction zone. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are asking all users and visitors to please park in the “upper” parking lots away from the construction zone. MTB trails, aerial park, lodge and coaster are open.

SEASON PASS SALE EXTENDED UNTIL OCTOBER 3RD. Our phone system is down, it is an issue with the VOIP provider. There is also a large volume on our online store, causing some delays and a digital queue. Please do not panic, we have changed the sale deadline and will offer the season pass sale prices until midnight on October 3. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience and bad timing of the phone outage.