Camp Fortune uses access gates at the chairlifts and issues guests RFID access cards, known as a Carte Express Card. Keep this card to reload online and save.

Your season pass or lift ticket will be loaded onto your Carte Express Card which contains an RFID chip.

This RFID card will open the gate and grant you access to the chairlift, provided of course that your pass is loaded with a valid lift ticket or pass type.


Your lift ticket will be issued on a reusable RFID card, Express Card.

Purchase your first ticket at the ski resort or online and pick it up at a ticket kiosk. Save your lift ticket card.

Now you can RELOAD your tickets online and save time. RFID cards are non-transferable. Each skier will need their own card.

Season Pass holders: your season pass will be an RFID card loaded with your pass information. You will reload this card with future season passes.

RFID Information

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device.

The device is a small circuit that is integrated into your Carte Express Card, which contains information relating to your lift ticket or season pass. When you approach the access gate, the circuit in your card will register and open the gate automatically, provided that your card is loaded with a valid lift ticket or season pass.

Once you have your Carte Express Card

Save money & go direct to lift.

Be ready for next season!

Do not hole punch

Do not punch a hole in your card. Punching a hole could cause damage to the RFID antenna. There is a $5 fee for a replacement card. 


Place your Express Card in a jacket pocket, preferably the small pocket on your sleeve if you have on as it is designed for these cards. Keep your card in an opposite pocket away from cellphones, credit cards and foil to ensure it functions properly. Cards from other resorts will cause interference, put them in your wallet or leave them at home. 

Go to the lift

The RFID scanner will read the Express Card in your pocket and open automatically. There is a screen which displays information related to your pass. If you are denied entry it is because your pass is not valid on the date or time you are skiing. 


Reload online to save money and time by going directly to the lift gate. Season pass holders: we will load your next season pass on your card when you renew and you will be all set for the next season!

Your Express Card looks more like a credit card than a traditional lift ticket. The real difference is the technology inside.

Please put your  Express Card in a pocket away from things such as: cell phone, iPod, or any foil items such as gum wrappers, etc.  Please only carry 1 RFID card at a time. The gate will only choose to read one card and if you have an empty card or invalid card in your pocket you may be denied access to the gate. Newer jackets have a small pocket on the left forearm designed specifically for RFID cards. 

Season pass holders: Camp Fortune will still have your color photo on file. The photo, your name and pass information is displayed to our lift attendants for validation each time you pass though one of our access gates.

Lift ticket users: the category of your ticket is displayed to our lift attendants as you pass through the gate, identifying you as an adult or child etc.

No. Each RFID card is categorized for the purchaser. An adult card can only be reloaded with adult tickets. A child, youth, student or carpet ticket can be reloaded with the same product or a greater product as the user ages.

No. The gate only reads 1 card.

If you have multiple cards or card with an expired ticket the gate may read the expired card first and not open. Please only carry 1 card at a time. Don’t leave RFID cards from other ski resorts in your jacket, they will be read by our gates as invalid cards.

Cards are non-transferable, please carry only your own Express Card. Your child must carry their own.

Please report any lost or stolen cards to 819-827-1717 ext 0 or visit Customer Service. In the event of a lost, stolen or damaged Express Card, a replacement fee of $5 will be charged, the old card will be deactivated and will no longer work at the gates, we will transfer your information to a new card and issue it to you.

Each RFID tag physically contains only the randomly generated number (WTP) associated with each unique user profile. No personal or additional information is stored on individual RFID Express Card.

WTP is an acronym for Wireless Transaction Protocol. This number, on your Camp Fortune Express Card, is associated with each unique guest profile and will allow you to purchase lift access online in advance of your visit and go direct-to-lift without stopping at a ticket window. No personal information is stored on individual RFID cards.

No, you can renew your season pass online and we will reload your season pass purchase information onto your Express card. There is a $5 fee to replace a lost card. 

Access gates will be installed at all main chairlifts at Camp Fortune including Skyline, Pineault and Clifford.  RFID scanners will be used at the magic carpet and Meech as needed.

No. Holes or other physical alterations should not be made to RFID cards, as damage to the RFID antenna or connections in the card could occur. The card should be kept safely in a pocket, there is no need to hang it from your jacket. If your Express Card is damaged, a replacement fee will be charged.

No. The chip information is not stored magnetically. Use of a magnet or other erasing devices has no effect  on the chip.

Maybe: RFID chips are designed in such a way as to survive normal wear and tear for years. However, running them through the wash and dry cycle with your laundry may damage and deactivate the card. The RFID access card will likely turn colour as the thermal ink may be activated by the heat. It may still work at the lift, but we can’t say for sure.  If your card is damaged we can issue a replacement card for $5.

The radio frequencies used by RFID are assigned by regulatory agencies around the world to help ensure that no interference occurs.

RFID uses the low-end of the electromagnetic spectrum. The waves coming from readers are no more dangerous than the waves being received by your car radio.