Mountain bike skills park now open!

Update: The skills park is now open! The reviews are in, it’s what dirt dreams are made of! Remember: trails and features are pay per use, please buy a trail pass as all funds are invested back in the trails. 

Our trail crew and TerraSculpt have been hard at work on our new skills park and the piles of dirt are looking incredible. The progression park, located in the Valley between Humdinger and Pineault, is taking shape and will open soon! Please admire from afar until the crew is done and we open to the public.

The skills park is as new one plus meter wide and 215 meters long progressive track with an expanded footprint of 245 square meters for use by mountain bikers with beginner to advanced skills. The track is built primarily on native soil and on natural slopes with some modification of the ground surface to achieve the proposed design.  The skills park includes a start ramp, berms, tabletops and rollers. The location was selected to provide a relatively even grade to ensure the trail speed for users is safe and easily managed. Built structures along the tracks include rock features and linear jump lines. We can’t wait to welcome you to your new playground!

Big thanks to the Camp Fortune Trail Crew and TerraSculpt for their work on this project.




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