Prepping the slopes for ski season!

Here’s a sure sign ski season is getting closer! Our ops team is hard at work “summer grooming” the hills to optimize snowmaking and grooming this winter. Psst…season passes are on sale until September 30th!

Summer grooming…? What the heck is that?

Summer grooming, or fall grooming, is essentially ski hill prep to make our ski operations as efficient as possible.

Winter grooming is a vital aspect of the skier experience and snow quality is the most important element in ski resort operations. Many factors contribute to a quality ski experience, including base preparation, snowmaking, and grooming. 

Camp Fortune has a sophisticated fleet of groomers, comprised of three Pisten Bully groomers: Pisten Bully 300 winch (2009), Pisten Bully 400 Frontliner (2017) and a Pisten Bully 400 Park Pro (2020). Camp Fortune prides itself on offering exceptional ski conditions. 

We recently added an Antonio Carraro TTR 7600 Infinity to our fleet of grooming equipment. The TTR 7600 complies with Tier 4 emissions standards and features an ECO System to reduce fuel consumption. It’s a multifunctional machine, suitable for a wide range of tasks in different situations: steep slope operations as well as the maintenance of green spaces.

The addition to our fleet of grooming machines of a machine designed to prepare the slopes for winter will have a significant positive impact. The main benefits will be that our terrain will be better prepared for snowmaking and will be more uniform, requiring less snow cover and depth. This will reduce our consumption of water, electricity, and fossil fuels. It will also improve our operational efficiency and enable us to better adapt to climate change and shorter snow periods.

Moving “mountains” to keep us skiing!

YES WE HAVE SNOW! Great March skiing!

Welcome to our new Pub!