Information to read before your first lesson.

Welcome lesson participants and parents,

We look forward to having you with us this winter and are sending you some helpful tips and information to get you ready for your first lesson and a successful winter of learning.

Our 9 week programs start on these dates and times:

Adult Programs

  • Race Training: January 8 th, 7:00 pm
  • Midweek breakaway: January 10 th 10:30 am
  • All Mountain Night: January 10th, 11th 7pm
  • All Mountain Day: January 13th and 14th 9:00 am, 11:15 am, 2:00 pm

Children’s Programs

  • 4-6 yrs old Club Ski Wee: January 13th or 14th: 9:00 am, 11:15 am, 2:00 pm
  • 5-6 yrs old Ski Wee Performance: ongoing at 9:30 am
  • 7-17 yrs old All Mountain Ski and Ride: January 13th and 14th 9:00 am, 11:15 am, 2:00 pm
  • 7-14 yrs old All Mountain Performance: ongoing at 9:30 am
  • 6-14 yrs old Monday Homeschool Program starts January 8th at 1:00 pm


If you have not yet picked up your season pass we suggest you do so as soon as possible to avoid the line up on the first day of lessons.


We have seen many cold days this season. Please note it is possible to dress for success and fun on the slopes. We highly recommend layers, goggles and a good face mask. Hot shot hand and toe warmers are also a good idea. We do take the temperature into consideration and groups go in for frequent warms ups on extra cold days.


please pick your skis up this week boutique@campfortune.com or 819-827-1717 x 2251


Lift passes:

Please note we have a new RFID gate and ticketing system. Your season pass or lift ticket will no longer hang off your jacket, please place your Express card in a zippered pocket, away from cellphones, keys, credit cards or anything metal. Learn more here

Please make sure you have either purchased a season pass or the 9 week ticket option for lessons. You must have a lift ticket to participate in lessons.

Lesson card:

In addition to the lift pass, lesson participants will be issued a lesson card. The lesson card IS NOT  a lift pass. It simply indicates which lesson program you are in and is a visual aid for your instructors and the rental department.

If you purchased the 9 week lesson ticket you will pick it up with the lesson card at table in the lodge on the day of your lesson. If you have purchased a season pass you will need to pick that up at customer service. Please pick up your season pass in advance of the lessons-conditions are perfect!

What to do on your first day:

Step 1: make sure you have all of the proper clothing and equipment for the lesson participant and dress them for the weather. Camp Fortune strongly recommends the use of a helmet. Helmets are available for rent (subject to availability) but are not included in a rental package. Click here for information about how to dress for skiing.

Step 2: Arrive early on the first day of the program. We suggest you arrive at least 1 hr in advance, especially if the participant needs rental equipment or if this is your first time coming to Camp Fortune. You need more time on the first day.

Park and then come into the main ski lodge. Follow the signage in the lodge to the lesson card pick up table. If you need help, go to the customer service counter in the middle of the lodge.

If you registered for rental equipment the lesson card should have the letter R on the back. Please check for this before proceeding. Attach the card to the lesson participant’s jacket. Make sure your lift ticket (Express Card) is in a zippered pocket away from your cell phone, keys, credit cards etc.

Put any bags in a locker or on the shelves upstairs.

Step 3: If you need rental equipment you will then go through the lodge, out the doors, down the stairs to the rental shop located on the first floor of the lodge. The lesson participant should be dressed already.

Do not stand in line or fill out the form. Go ahead into the rentals area, sit on a bench and take off the participant’s shoes.  A rental employee will then come to fit them with boots and set them up with equipment. Please be sure you know the lesson participant’s shoe size, weight and height.

Step 4: Once suited up and geared up, head out to the lesson meeting area located to the right of the magic carpet.

The various meeting areas are as follows:

  • Ski wee meets at the red flag
  • All mountain ski meets at the green flag
  • All mountain snowboard meets at the black flag
  • All weekend adults meet at the blue flag
  • Adult evening: flags are not used. Meet at the lesson meeting area near the magic carpet.

If you have any questions on your first day ask any staff member. There will be instructors on site to greet you in the parking lot and to guide you to the right colour of flag. They will also direct the groups meeting at the same colour of flag.

Questions: call 819-827-1717 ext 0 email info@campfortune.com

Pass options for Parents: ski and save

Express Card:

Your lift ticket will be issued on an Express Card. Reload online and save 15% on all lift tickets after your initial purchase. Learn more

Parent Pass: if you purchased a parent pass it is valid on the day of your child(ren)’s lesson starting this weekend. What’s a Parent Pass? Find out more here

Snowshoe rentals and trails

We also now offer snowshoe rentals if you are looking for something to do other than skiing or snowboarding. You can rent snowshoes at the ski rental department. Trails are located off of the CBC road around the t bar area and up towards the aerial park.

La Boutique

visit our ski boutique next to rentals for all your ski equipment, accessory and tuning needs. We are fully stocked with all sorts of gear to keep you warm and dry on the slopes.

La Boutique https://campfortune.com/fortune-boutique/

Learn lots and have fun and share your Fortune Smiles with us!

We love to see our Fortune Family skiing and riding.

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Minimum reach requirement is measured as the distance from the ground to the middle of your palm, with your arm fully extended upwards. See minimum reach requirement image for reference.


1.75 m for the full course.