Ski season: Pineault is open Thursday Nov. 26 from 12 pm to 4 pm.

Attractions and outdoor activities for kids

School groups and Student Tour Groups

A mountain of fun awaits you at Camp Fortune. Camp Fortune is the ideal location for student groups, local or touring, any time of year. We have a selection of outdoor attractions and activities close to Ottawa. Add a dinner and dance option to your event and your group will have a night to remember.

Aerial Park and Ziplines

Our aerial parks and zip lining  offer exciting activities for students, especially those who like to be challenged. Fortune has an aerial course for children and 2 more challenging courses for teens and adults. Students will be challenged and thrilled on suspended walkways, monkey bridges, suspended stirrups and zip lines. The Fortune Aerial Experience can be combined with our dinner (or lunch) and dance packages.

Disc Golf

Learn how to play disc golf on the 9 hole course at the aerial park. The cost is $5.95 per person (includes rental discs). A rules and score card as well as a course map will be provided with the rental discs. The perfect add on outdoor activity to the aerial park and zip lines or an accessible alternative for those wanting to keep 2 feet on the ground.

Dance the Night Away

For student groups who are looking for something to do at night, or to celebrate the end of the school year, why not consider Camp Fortune? Our first class banquet staff will prepare a delicious buffet dinner which can be followed by dancing. Book a relaxed BBQ or for more formal events you can book a buffet. Make sure you ask for our specially designed student menus when you call.

Safe Home Policy

One free package for driver and escort. Prices based on 40 people, smaller groups may be subject to a surcharge.

Sample costs

Professional DJ Services: $375 + GST
Dinner Buffets: $16-$19(tax incl)
BBQ: $12.75/person (tax incl)

For more information or an appointment to discuss your customized event, please call (819) 827-1717 ext 2241, fax (819) 827-9388 or email

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